RIACA's JSP tag libraries


We offer to your consideration some JSP tag libraries we have developed at RIACA. Most of our tag libraries are OpenMath related. Among the things we facilitate with our tag libraries are:

  • * Provide a smooth way to work with OpenMath in your own JSP pages by defining a taglib interface to the RIACA OpenMath Java Library (ROML). That is, we offer tags for going from OpenMath XML representation to ROML objects and viceversa as well as a set of tags for manipulating ROML objects. See omcore taglib.
  • * Work with polynomials and OpenMath. See polyparser taglib.
  • * Use phrasebooks to interact with backengines.
We hope our work will help you to created your own OpenMath enabled WEB applications and in that way help to make OpenMath accessible to a larger number of users. NOTE: Most of our tag libraries will only work with a Servlet 3.4 and Java Server Pages 2.0 compliant Web Server/Container (e.g. Jakarta Tomcat 5.x).

Documentation and Download.

Following table summarizes the information over the available tag libraries. For more information on any specific tag library just follow the link to the documentation.

Name Documentation Download Description
cast documentation download

This tag library allows to "cast" OpenMath objects. By cast we means transform some kind of OpenMath object into other.

context documentation download

A JSP tab library to access and work with variables in a context.

macro documentation download

Under Construction A tag library to use templates and macros. This tag library is in experimental state.

mathml documentation download

A JSP tab library to work with MathML (virtual) phrasebook.

omcore documentation download

This tag library to perform some basic operations on OpenMath objects. Among such operations we have:

  1. Creating a ROML Java object from an XML-string representation of an OpenMath object (set tag) and vice-versa (out tag).
  2. Testing whether an object match a certain pattern.
polyparser documentation. download.

This tag library allows to parse polynomials into OpenMath objects.

socket documentation download

A JSP tab library to work with socket based phrasebooks and services.

util documentation download

A JSP tab library containing some utility tags (for escaping XML, etc).



We provide some JSP pages with examples to illustrate how to work with our tag libraries. These examples require a Web Server/Container compliant with the JSP 2.0 and Servlet 3.4 specifications (e.g. Jakarta Tomcat 5.x).

In order to see the examples at work you will have to:

  • 1. download the file demo.tar.gz (demo.zip),
  • 2. untar (unzip) it and place the resulting taglib directory on the directory ${TOMCAT_HOME}/webapps/ of your local version of Tomcat.
  • 3. restart Tomcat.

In case you are using another WEB server please refer to the documentation coming with it (about how to install a new WEB application).

NOTE: So far, we have tested our tag libraries with Jakarta Tomcat version 5.14.