Tag library name: macro-taglib

Index of Tags and Functions.
  1. apply-macro.

E. Reinaldo BarreiroTechnical University of Eindhoven (TU/e)info@mathdox.orgMain author


A tag library to use templates and macros. This tag library is in experimental state.

Download and Install:


The whole tag library project is available for dowloading, as tar.gz or as a zip file, here .

General INSTALL information:

This tag library is designed to be used in JSP pages compliant with the JSP 2.0 specification.

To get this tag library working you will have to copy the jar files

Jar fileDownloadDescription
context-taglib.jardownloadThe tag library jar file.
om-lib.jardownloadROML jar file.

to the WEB-INF/lib/ directory on your web application.

NOTE: We advise you to use the versions of additional jar files comming with the tag library and not to download them directly from other of our related projects. By doing so, you may create imcompatibilities: though we will do our best to make sure a tag library is using the latest version of a jar file.

You will also need to copy the tld file macro-taglib.tld to somewhere in the WEB-INF/ directory, for instance to WEB-INF/ itselft, and add to the web.xml file, in the part corresponding to the tag libraries, the following lines:

    <taglib-uri>URI identifying your tag lib</taglib-uri>


For more information on how to modify the web.xml file peruse the documentation coming with your WEB server/container. For information on how to use tag extensions on your own JSP pages consult the JSP 2.0 specification.

Tag specific INSTALL information:



1-apply-macro (tag).

Applies a macro template.

Body Content:


Tag Class:


namefalsefalse The name of the macro to be applied.

Snippet 1:
        <macro:apply-macro name="MyEquation" 
xmlns:cont="http://www.mathdox.org/MathBook/Macro"> <parameters> <param><c:out value="${param.a}"/></param> <param><c:out value="${param.b}"/></param> </parameters> </macro:apply-macro>