The Research Institute for Applications of Computer Algebra RIACA was established in 1993 by the Mathematical Centre Foundation, the Foundation Computer Algebra Nederland (CAN) and the Gödel School GmbH for Symbolic Computation, Linz, Austria. For several years RIACA functioned as an international R&D centre for applications of Computer Algebra in mathematics, science and engineering. RIACA established contacts with several institutions (mainly in Europe), and took part in a number of international projects on e-learning like OpenMath, Monet and MathBook. Apart from developing e-learning tools (e.g. tools that make use of OpenMath), RIACA also developed learning material (IDA). In the meantime RIACA was embedded in the DAM group of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Currently the name RIACA is no longer used for these activities, although MathDox, Wortel TU/e and IDA are projects coming forth from this former institute.