OpenMath Products

Here you can find our OpenMath products.

RIACA OpenMath Guide

The RIACA OpenMath Guide is an introduction to OpenMath and the RIACA OpenMath Library. Look at it you are new to OpenMath, or if you want an easy to use guide.

RIACA OpenMath Library

The RIACA OpenMath Library makes it possible for you to use OpenMath in your Java applications. If you don't know what OpenMath is about your are advised to read the RIACA OpenMath Guide mentioned above for an introduction.

RIACA OpenMath Shell

The RIACA OpenMath Shell makes it possible for you to interact with OpenMath enabled backengines by sending in a query and obtaining a result.

RIACA OpenMath Taglibraries

The RIACA OpenMath Taglibraries pages present you with taglibraries that allow you to use OpenMath in a taglibrary.