Mathematica Link

A link is a utility package that allows you to access the engine by means of Java. In this case this is the link to Mathematica [More...]

Mathematica Phrasebook

Using Mathematica to do OpenMath stuff is easy. Just use the phrasebook and call a remote running Mathematica. Click on the link below to download it.

Note: to be able to use this you need a Mathematica running on a TCP/IP socket.


Mathematica Service

Exporting Mathematica on a TCP/IP socket has never been easier. Just download the code below and fire it up to export your Mathematica on a Socket. Note you need to have your own Mathematica.


Mathematica Shell

The Mathematica Shell is a little program to access Mathematica(tm) through a GUI enabled program. It has siblings in the GAP, Singular and OpenMath shell.